Trip to Avdiivka 17.06.2016 Industrial zone

Volunteer group "Our Kharkiv" - Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

On June 17, representatives of the "Malodanylivska hromada" charitable foundation, together with volunteers of the "Nash Kharkiv" Group, went to Avdiyivka. Soldiers from the 90th battalion were brought military uniforms, sun caps, T-shirts, tarpaulins for cars, camouflage nets, necessary medical drugs, drinking water for long-term storage, chainsaws, walkie-talkies, cigarettes, food products (vegetables, fruits and sunflower oil) that they ordered our boys On the way, they visited the soldiers of the 58th brigade and were also showered with sweets.
We monitor the needs of our soldiers. Upon arrival, we start to get ready for the road again.
We would like to express special thanks for the help to all patriots who did not remain indifferent and help our fighters on the front lines.
Together we will win!

PS Considering the fact that the territory we visited is a strategically important object, photographing and distributing photos is not possible.
Therefore, please note that our photos are limited.

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