Humanitarian aid for residents of Kamianka (Don region) in the "grey zone"

Volunteer group "Our Kharkiv" - Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

While bringing aid to the front lines for our fighters, we rarely think about how people live on the demarcation line in the so-called "gray zone". And so we decided to visit one of these villages, it is called Kamianka, it is located near Avdiivka. There are about 50 houses in the village, the population is up to 100 people. mostly adults and old people, some families have small children. After 1.5 km from the village, the territory is already occupied by militants. A month ago, the village was heavily shelled by separatists and many houses were damaged. Until recently, there was no electricity in the village for 2 months, people have neither work nor money, 2 harvesters with which they sowed and harvested wheat were burned in 2015 by a shell. There is not a single store or pharmacy in the village, the tradesman comes once a week, and sometimes once every two weeks, it happens that there is no bread in the village for two weeks. No one comes to this village at all, people are left to their own devices.
The Charitable Foundation "Malodanylivska Hromada" and the volunteer group "Our Kharkiv" brought a whole bunch of humanitarian aid to Kamianka for the residents: rice, flour, pasta, tea, coffee, stew, cereals, cookies, dry borscht, candies, energy bars , sunflower oil, washing powder, soap, spices, salt, cigars, honey, warm boots, "dutiki" boots and children's things.
We didn't ask how people live in such conditions, whether anyone brings any food there, we saw it from the reaction of the residents, who were very surprised that help was brought to them. If in fact, these people are simply not needed by anyone and abandoned. Soon we plan to go and see how people live in other similar "gray zone" villages.
Volunteer group "Nash Kharkiv" and BF "Malodanylivska Hromada". 11.11.2016

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