Easter gifts for our defenders 04/12/15

Volunteer group "Our Kharkiv" - Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Already late at night, our volunteer group sent to the front lines the Opel Frontera repaired by us with your help, which broke down on the way to the anti-terrorist operation, and not just sent, but filled to the brim with Easter gifts from us and Kharkiv patriots, as well as students of Kharkiv schools.

Our volunteer group sent 500 Paskas and about 500 candy, the Kharkov patriots sent meat products, and the students of the Paska schools, candy, drawings, candies and many, many more delicious things. All the gifts went to the front line to the scouts of the 54th ORB and also to the soldiers of the 30th brigade. If possible, the guys promised to send a photo with gifts from the front line.

Also, tonight we managed to get acquainted with the very cheerful and positive volunteers of "Angry Raccoon" ( ) and even had time to drink a glass with them for the holiday and taste excellent Ukrainian lard.

Also, special thanks to "Fine Zaporizhzhia" ( ) for a laptop for our scouts.

We would also like to congratulate everyone on behalf of our volunteer group with a bright Easter. Many thanks to everyone who helps our defenders on the front lines.

Help financially: Privatbank 4149 4978 2246 3578 Ervin Artem

Phone: +38 (063)127-53-68

-= Happy Easter! and Glory to Ukraine! =-

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