Handover for Aidar battalion on 10/30/2014

Volunteer group "Our Kharkiv" - Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The volunteer group "Nash Kharkiv" provided assistance to the Aidar battalion:
food, kitchen and household accessories, mattresses, thermoses, laptops, kitchen furniture and many other things necessary for the soldiers of the battalion who are now on the front line.
We would like to express our great gratitude to the patriots: Oleg from Kharkov and Yulia from the village of Bugaevka, who are very helpful with the necessary things for our fighters, as well as a big thank you for the help to our partner - the "OVYS" gas station.

Don't stand aside - help the army!
Privatbank 5168 7572 7275 1860 Artem Ervin
or call: (063) 127-53-68

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