Trip to Avdiivka on April 8, 2016

Volunteer group "Our Kharkiv" - Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

On April 8, our team went to one of the hottest points of the ATO - Avdeevka. They visited our soldiers, gave them:
110 kg of meat, 100 liters of sunflower oil, stew, cigarettes, lard, honey, walkie-talkies, mesh masks, cookies, sweet rolls, bread, apples, cucumbers, cabbage, water containers, buffs, electric generator, tactical gloves, batteries, accessories for walkie-talkies, heating pads, Ukrainian flags, stickers with Ukrainian symbols, Ukrainian paracord bracelets, icons, cold medicine and painkillers.
We talked with our guys, the fighting spirit of the guys is at a high level, we found out what is still necessary.

We would like to express special thanks for the help:
• Charitable Organization International Charitable Foundation "Malodanylivska Community",
• "OVYS" gas station complex,
• "VRATA" school and theater,
• Lykhachevsky Bakery "ROMA",
• Patriots of Ukraine – Andrey (Kharkiv), Serhiy (Farmer), Olena Kolodyazhna (Spain),
• to all patriots who financially help our fighters on the front line!.

Thank you all. Glory to Ukraine!

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