Trip to ATO Popasna – Avdiivka 6.10.2016

Volunteer group "Our Kharkiv" - Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The trip to the ATO started with rain and fog, but these are the little things in life. The first place we went to was Popasna, the hospital where we met Mykola, a doctor from God who saved many of our boys from the front line. On the way to Chasiv Yar, they met Serhii Goltva, a fearless handsome man and a positive player of the Viterets team, they wished each other peace and patience. In Bakhmut, the family of Angelina and Andrii Shostak, the most cool patriots of Eastern Ukraine, met, exchanged hugs, gifts and drove on. At Chasiv Yaru in
the military hospital handed over imported immobilization for upper and lower limbs, elastic bandages, bandages and much more for our guys. They went to our cyborgs for 90 baht, unloaded everything they ordered. And they did not drive past the broken railway. bridge where our Kharkiv residents are standing, but time was short, the last point of unloading was waiting ahead of us. In Avdiivka, a surprise awaited us right away, it was Andriy Kasper. Santa's group greeted us with a warm welcome, hot tea and friendly conversation.
While the Ministry of Defense promises - We Help! Glory to Ukraine!

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