SOS!!! Urgently needed for "scoruyu" (Veterok) near Debaltsevo!!!

Volunteer group "Our Kharkiv" - Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Urgently needed for urgent work from near Debaltsevo:
– clutch assembly with flywheel (400 euros),
– front drive (3,000 hryvnias) (fast four-wheel drive),
– tires (4 pcs.)
– windshield (1700 hryvnias);
– side glass on the door;
– Converter (inverter) 12V-220V (500W and more) for honey. equipment (from UAH 600);
everything else is bought.
Spare parts are urgently needed, the ambulance must go to the front urgently!!!
Who can help, call: +38 (063)127-53-68
Help us financially: Privatbank: 4149 4978 2246 3578 Ervin Artem

Rapid response medical team "Viterets" with Galina Almazova
On duty (February 12, 2015), in short... a message from Halyna Almazova
all day they took out the wounded from Debaltsevo. About 80 wounded people were admitted to the Artemovsk hospital yesterday. There is no information on the killed, there is a lot... and there is a lot left there, it is impossible to take it away yet..
At night, we went to the next exit... on the road, there was a lot of burning and broken equipment... plus the fog... we got hit by a tank that was blown up right in front of us, we tried to leave on the side of the road and got stuck on the left side. Thank God they reached the block post, it was very dangerous to stay on the road, they are constantly shooting at point-blank range.. They took me out at night, and Puma and Kolya, my doctor, stayed there. I received a text message from them in the morning that they were badly hit at night, but they are alive... and doctors are very necessary... there is no communication with them yet... I'm waiting...
(Photos of Channel 5, our photos are not available for obvious reasons. Once upon a time)
They are very much waiting for this car with the call sign "MISTRAL" (formerly "VETEROK"), the numbers are ready, but the car is not there yet!

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