Acquaintance and assistance from the volunteers of "Our Home-Merefa"

Volunteer group "Our Kharkiv" - Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

There are days when you realize that nothing special happened during the day, and we did not take a step closer to the goal. Today was clearly not like that: we got to know good people from the public organization "Grazhdanskoe Dvizhenie "Nash dom — Merefa".

This story began in the middle of the week, when activists from Merefa contacted us, informed us of their desire to help and offered to meet. We agreed that we would visit them and get acquainted on Sunday.

And now, this day has come. We left for Merefa with the intention of making new useful acquaintances with patriots. But it turned out that the guys did not invite us to chat at all. They prepared thoroughly for our arrival: they collected vegetables, pastries (10 boxes in total), honey, tea, warm clothes, socks, soap, a box of wet wipes, razors, hygiene products, home preservation, sauerkraut and carrots, medicines, bags and much more. We didn't expect such a reception, so we couldn't get everything out at once. I had to make two trips to collect everything collected. Not everything is included in today's photo report, we will issue a full report in the near future.

Thank God for bringing us together with such wonderful people. Glory to Ukraine and its patriots!

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