Trip on September 29, 2017 to Avdiivka


At the end of September, they visited our volunteers on the front line in Avdiivka.
At night, it started to freeze, so they brought the boys to the front line as usual everything they needed: military uniforms, warm fleece, camouflage nets, condensed milk, sausage, cookies, tea, coffee, a pack of cigarettes. Ukrainian symbols were also brought to the boys: flags, stickers.
On the way, we stopped by our volunteers from the Donbas battalion. They delivered: 100 liters of antifreeze, a chainsaw, mastic for roof repair, coffee, tea, cigarettes, and some sweets, cookies and homemade sausage.
We know that it is difficult for everyone right now, so we thank everyone who does not stand aside and helps our defenders on the front lines. Thank you very much!
Special thanks to:
• "OVYS" gas station complex
• International Charitable Foundation "Malodanylivska Hromada"
• Theater-school "Vrata"
and to all caring people who help. Glory to Ukraine!

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