Svitlodar arc 11/8/2017

Svitlodar arc

A photo report from our recent trip to the Svitlodar Arc front sector. They visited our defenders of the Donbas battalion, Dnipro-1 and 54 brigades.
They brought the boys: winter uniforms, raincoats, camouflage nets, rubber boots, winter hats, cigarettes, coffee, tea, fruits, sweets and many other things.
We also went to a children's boarding school in the village of Girske, where they handed over children's things, books, games and some goodies from the parents of the 3rd grade 169 school of Kharkiv.
Although it is difficult for everyone now, we thank everyone who does not stand aside and helps our defenders on the front lines. Thank you very much!
Special thanks to:
• "OVYS" gas station complex
• International Charitable Foundation "Malodanylivska Hromada"
• Theater-school "Vrata"
• patriot Andrii
• Olena Plotnikova for the flags
and to all caring people who help. Glory to Ukraine!

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